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JetBlue Park Opens with Celebration – Red Sox Spring Training Facility is set to open to the public for a celebration!

Fans and local visitors have a chance to see the beautiful stadium on Daniels Parkway, just East of the Interstate.

While there, visitors can simply look up and see the beautiful craftmanship of the Grandstand Canopy installed by West Coast FL Enterprises, Inc.

The Grandstand Canopy is constructed using heavy guage steel EPIC deck panels fastened to a structrural steel frame. If you have an eye for detail, you will notice the custom column collars that collect the rain water and redirect it to the ground level. West Coast FL Enterprises was pleased to be a part of the JetBlue Park Red Sox Spring Training Facility’s construction and design.

West Coast FL Enterprises worked with Cives Contracting, Manhattan Construction and the arhitect; Populous.

JetBlue Park - Red Sox Grandstand Canopy

The Holidays and Your Roof… What’s the Connection?

First of all… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who read this blog!

What do the Holidays have to do with your roof? – A couple of things…

First… Didn’t you know that Santa and his reindeer-powered-sleigh land on your rooftop every year? This can cause minor damage to any roof, whether Tile, Shingle or even Metal! This is a perfect time of year to inspect, while things are dry and cool – the perfect time of year to look things over! We can even clean up after those pesky reindeer!

But seriously… Did you, like many people, hang lights from the edges of your roof? Did you hang lights from your gutters? Did you put Decorations on the roof top? Maybe, just maybe, you went as far as pulling a Clark Griswold and decided to install lights all over the roof surface?! If you did any of the above, make sure you have us come out and look things over after the season ends!  We need to insure that no damage was done. We’ll even do it free of charge if you ask nicely! Consider this our Christmas Present to you – a complimentary roof inspection report! It is the least we can do for anyone who takes the time to read our blog site.

 Let us know if we can help you in any way – we are SW Florida’s premier Problem Solvers!




Getting Back to Basics

Today’s technology seems to move faster than the speed of time itself – we strive, as many do, to keep up with the ever-changing times and stay ahead of the curve.

But… At what cost? In all of our rush to keep up with advances in technology, have we forgotten the basics? We do what we do every day for the sake of “improving our business” and “bringing attention to our services”. But in so doing, have we forgotten that a simple phone call or visit is STILL important?!

I just came from a conference full of roofers from all over the country. The aim was to share ideas that work and take something home that can be used in our businesses to improve customer relations and add clients. One of the common themes of the event…

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Roof Guaranteed…or is it? Part Four | Raise the Roof Blog!

Flat Roof warranties are probably the most relevant and realistic of all roof warranties – and ironically they are the most prone roofs to have issues! There are several things to look for and ask for with regard to your flat roof warranty…
1. Make sure you request an NDL Warranty – This stands for No Dollar Limit. There should not be a maximum out-of-pocket limit by the manufacturer.
2. Your flat roof warranty should be a “system warranty” covering ALL components of the roof system. Most flat roof warranties will exclude any material not manufactured by them.
3. Try to get at least 15 years, if not 20. The difference in fees is minimal.
4. Some manufacturers now offer 25 years for an additional fee.
5. Ask the installing contractor if they are willing to provide all required roof maintenance for the duration of their leak warranty. The contractor warranty is typically 3-5 years.

One caveat that most people do not know is that the installing contractor is on the hook 100% for the first Two years of the manufacturers warranty. This means that the manufacturer takes on No liability the first Two Years.

We hope this information is useful to you in some way, let us know if we can be of further help!

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Roof Guaranteed! – or is it? Part Three | Raise the Roof Blog!

In Part Two of our roof warranty blog, we began discussing the Shingle Manufacturer Warranties. In this Part Three blog, we will look at a very interesting aspect of shingle roofs and how they have changed over the years. 

Perhaps the most ambiguous of all shingle warranty language is now their wind speed rating. Shingles are now sold and classified by their “wind speed rating”. This is interesting because of the following history lesson… In the early days shingles were rated by “weight”. This was because the codes insisted on a minimum weight shingle. Then in the nineties, the code insisted on a minimum warranty term of 25 years and tossed weight ratings out the window. The reason for doing away with weight ratings was because shingles began being manufactured with fibergass reinforcement, so the weight of the asphalt became unimportant. So, shingles then began to be sold by “warranty term”. Interestingly, a few years down the road the code increased it’s minimum standard to 30 years. How did the shingle manufacturers cope? They simply changed their 25 year shingle warranty to 30 years! No change to the shingles themselves! 
After the active hurricane seasons of 2004/2005, the code changed again and insisted on “wind ratings” for shingles. So, the shingle manufactures began to market their products based on wind speed tests. Now for the punchline… When a shingle is ,marketed and sold as a 110 MPH shingle, this means that they were tested and rated to withstand that wind speed. However, it does NOT mean they are warranted for that wind speed! A typical 110 MPH shingle s actually only warranted up to about 55 MPH wind speeds. 

Buyer Beware!

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Roof Guaranteed! – or is it? Part Two | Raise the Roof Blog!


If you have a shingle roof or are planning to have a new one installed soon, you will want to read this!

Shingle roof warranties are probably the most confusing of all roof material warranties. Part of the problem is the plethora of information they try to squeeze into their warranties. Shingle roof warranties try to include language that touch on MANY different categories. We will examine each of these categories over the next blog or two…

 Material integrity: This is the total length of time in the warranty. A typical shingle comes with a 30 year limited warranty. In Florida, we see a typical life expectancy of about 20 years on a 30 year warranted shingle. Very seldom do we see any warranty claims or pay-outs for this 10 year discrepancy. All shingle material limited warranties are “pro-rated” for the duration of the warranty. Typically, this warranty will provide material only, at a pro-rated value, if a claim is made.

 In our next issue, you won’t believe the change in course and marketing the shingle manufacturers have gone through just to keep their product within code compliance! (should have used the next blog for April Fools Day instead of this one!) Keep your eyes peeled for Part Three of this Warranty Blog!

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Roof Guaranteed! – or is it? Part One | Raise the Roof Blog!

If you have replaced your roof in recent years, you probably THINK you have a valid roof warranty covering leaks or wind damage… Be careful!

It has always amazed us as a contractor, that the average person seems to put a whole lot of emphasis on their “manufacturer warranty”, rather than on the installing contractor’s guarantee. Truth be told, most of the manufacturer warranties are barely worth the paper they are written on.
One of the largest warranty fallacies is in the Tile Roof market. Although most of these manufacturer warranties are either “50 years” or even “lifetime”, do you know what they actually cover? Read the fine print and you will find very little teeth in these warranties. They do not cover leaks or attachment/adherence. They really only cover degradation of the product… But it’s concrete!

We don’t want to pick on the tile market though, at least they don’t imply more than they actually provide. You really need to be careful with Shingle Roof warranties and Flat Roof warranties. In Part II of this blog, we will address some of these ambiguous warranties and how you can be on the look-out. In the meantime, if you have ANY questions concerning YOUR roof warranty and would like our assistance or opinion, feel free to contact us!
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