Making a Positive Impact in the Life of a Condo Manager

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I posted a new article on my blog at

In it, I talk about how general contractors can make a big impact in the lives of those we serve, whether they’re condo managers, the whole condo association management company, and even the residents.

When you touch on the key points I mention, it’s amazing the transformation that takes place. ↓Check it out by clicking the photo below.↓

Making an Impact in the Lives of Condo Association Management Companies

If you have anything to add, please add a comment below. Thanks so much!


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  1. Posted by Jack Martin on November 15th at 11:45 am

    Keep up the good work WCFE!!!


  2. When working with condo managers (or apartment management for that matter), we have found similar complaints to be true. Many contractors automatically assume that if you are working in a multi-residential area, then you do not have to respect the grounds or the tenants that live there. Which is rather unfortunate.


  3. I like this blog so much, saved to bookmarks


  4. General contractors aren’t so bad! 😉


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