4: Before Hiring a Cape Coral Roofing Contractor, DO Make Sure You Get What You Paid For

Before Hiring a Cape Coral Roofing Contractor, DO Make Sure You Get What You Paid For

This is the 4th installment of  Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing – For YOU the Consumer!” which is available as a FREE download.

Make sure that the materials you are paying for are actually being used on your roof. In addition to roof covering, some of the accessory materials will include:

  1. Starter shingles – This is along the edge of the roof and up the rake.
  2. Felt paper – This will be covering the whole house! It will either be an organic felt or a peel and stick membrane.
  3. Ice and Water protection – This is used in the valleys/eaves. Some companies use metal and others use membrane, but something has to be in the valley.
  4. Drip edge – This has to be used on every edge on your home.
  5. Flashing – The small pieces of metal that must be placed around objects which protrude from the roof (such as pipes and chimneys, or the edges of other roofs) to deflect water away from seams or joints
  6. Roof Venting – A typical shingle roof will have ridge venting while tile and metal roofs will have off-ridge vents installed.

In addition to the materials, you are also paying for knowledgeable and experienced professionals, who are attentive to your needs as a homeowner. Ensure that the Cape Coral roofing company you are working with meets this criteria. Your roofer should take the time to thoroughly answer any questions you may have about the type(s) of roof covering you are considering. They should also ensure that you completely understand the estimate for the project, and know what to expect. Lastly, the Cape Coral roofing contractor should be courteous and pleasant to work with, and easy to reach when you need to contact them.

Dos and Donts of Roofing - For YOU the ConsumerIf you are looking to hire a Cape Coral roofing contractor, look no further! At West Coast Florida Enterprises, we’ve been roofing in Southwest Florida since 1985 and we’ve built an impeccable reputation among our community as an established, honest, and reliable group of people who love what we do. If you’re considering working with other roofing contractors, be sure to protect yourself by learning the right questions to ask. Download our FREE eBook Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing – For YOU the Consumer by clicking the image on the  right. If you have further questions please call us toll free at (239) 433-9777. Also, don’t forget to LIKE West Coast Florida Enterprises on Facebook.

– Scott

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