#5: The Truth About Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

This is the 5th installment of “Ten Things About Roofing You May Not Know!which you can download as a free eBook.

Besides being beautiful, tile roofing can be a practical choice for your home. Professionally designed and installed tile roofs can last 25-35 years when properly installed, and many tile manufacturers provide a long warranty on the material. As with most anything, there are also some disadvantages to installing a tile roof.

Unlike some roofing options, a tile will not rot in Florida’s wet summers. It’s also not susceptible to pest damage. Compared to a shingle roof, both concrete or clay tiles will have a longer lifespan, so it can be a cost-effective solution if you consider the entire life of your roof.

However, tile does cost more than wood shakes or asphalt shingles. There is also the maintenance factor to be considered. Tile Roofs require far more maintenance than your average sloped roof material. First of all, you will find that they require periodic cleaning due to their susceptible nature to mildew.

Also, you will want to check at least annually for any broken tile. Once a tile on your roof breaks, any high winds that come along can breach the system and “bye-bye” tile!

Other Facts about Tile Roofing:

PRO: Tile roofs are “green” – tile roofs come in a rainbow of colors, but when we say they’re green, we’re talking about the environment. Tile is made from concrete or clay – materials that are made without harsh chemicals. 10 Things About Roofing You May Not KnowOld tiles can be recycled, as other products or even new tiles, without depleting natural resources.

CON: Did you know there are about (90) different ways to install a tile roof!? Crazy as it sounds, its true! This means there are dozens of GREAT methods, but also dozens of POOR methods for installing tile.

PRO: Roof tiles can also lower your monthly energy bill. Because of tile’s special cool properties, you can cut the transfer of heat from your roof to your attic substantially. Ever put your hand on a white concrete sidewalk in the summer time – usually it’s cool to the touch!

CON: Are you considering a tile roof? It’s more important than ever to have it professionally installed. During Hurricane Andrew, one of the major causes of roof failures in Miami and the surrounding area was the improper installation of roofing tile.

Without a licensed, insured expert, you can’t be confident that you will benefit from the long lifespan of a tile roof, especially in southwest Florida. Tile installation should be done by Florida roofing professionals, like those at West Coast FL Enterprises and Collier County Roofing.

For an estimate of the various costs of different roofing systems, or for more info on tile roofing specifically, West Coast FL Enterprises and Collier County Roofing are here to help you. Please, feel free to Contact us online or call us at (239) 433-9777.

– Scott

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