Getting Back to Basics

Today’s technology seems to move faster than the speed of time itself – we strive, as many do, to keep up with the ever-changing times and stay ahead of the curve.

But… At what cost? In all of our rush to keep up with advances in technology, have we forgotten the basics? We do what we do every day for the sake of “improving our business” and “bringing attention to our services”. But in so doing, have we forgotten that a simple phone call or visit is STILL important?!

I just came from a conference full of roofers from all over the country. The aim was to share ideas that work and take something home that can be used in our businesses to improve customer relations and add clients. One of the common themes of the event…

…was our need to get back-to-basics with our customer service and client relations. YES, technology and keeping up with it is critical to businesses today. But, we cannot let that over-shadow the importance of face-to-face or even telephone time! “The grass is only greener on the other side IF you are not taking care of your own grass!” Great Quote for which I cannot take credit. But how true!

West Coast FL Enterprises is committed to taking care of our own grass – our grass roots customer base. We wish to say thank you to all who have supported us and are rededicating ourselves to a warmer and more personal approach to our clients. We will still be attempting to stay on top of technology, while still making sure we reach out to YOU our client in a more personal fashion.

Thanks again and remember… Raise the Roof!

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  1. i really liked your blog.. it helps people very much.. thanks for making such a nice blog..


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