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#4: Fair Weather Friendly – Ready Your Naples Roofing For The Harsh Summer

Naples Roofing - Gutters

This is the 4th installment of “Ten Things About Roofing You May Not Know!which you can download as a free eBook.

Summer in Florida can be tough on roofs. The regular rain leaves even more dirt, debris and leaves in your gutters. Severe thunderstorms dump tons of water, and wind gusts cause all kinds of damage. And, of course, hurricanes will really put your Naples roofing to the ultimate test.

How can you give your home or condo a better chance at defeating Florida’s summer storms?

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Getting Back to Basics

Today’s technology seems to move faster than the speed of time itself – we strive, as many do, to keep up with the ever-changing times and stay ahead of the curve.

But… At what cost? In all of our rush to keep up with advances in technology, have we forgotten the basics? We do what we do every day for the sake of “improving our business” and “bringing attention to our services”. But in so doing, have we forgotten that a simple phone call or visit is STILL important?!

I just came from a conference full of roofers from all over the country. The aim was to share ideas that work and take something home that can be used in our businesses to improve customer relations and add clients. One of the common themes of the event…

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