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My Metal Roof is Maintenance Free – Really? | Raise the Roof Blog!

While metal roofs certainly do not require the amount of maintenance effort that a Tile Roof might involve, they do require some amount of routine maintenance.

The most necessary, yet unknown, factor for a metal roof is the need to “wash” the roof and the perimeter flashings occasionally. This is not for aesthetic purposes, though it could be serendipitous to the cleaning process. The purpose behind the washing is to remove any potentially harmful impediments – especially and most importantly… SALT.

The washing of sheet metal roofing and flashings is REQUIRED by the manufacturer if your roof is located within 1/2 mile of salt water. Salt Air is extremely detrimental to metal roofing – even aluminum. So, if your roof is within that parameter, you should seriously consider at least an annual wash that would include the perimeter edge metal and fascia.

As an example, here is an excerpt from one prominent Metal Roofing Manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate… “…located less than half mile from a seacoast, salt water or brackish water, annual maintenance must be performed by the building owner (s), including annual “sweet water” (tap water) rinse…”.

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