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In Part Two of our roof warranty blog, we began discussing the Shingle Manufacturer Warranties. In this Part Three blog, we will look at a very interesting aspect of shingle roofs and how they have changed over the years. 

Perhaps the most ambiguous of all shingle warranty language is now their wind speed rating. Shingles are now sold and classified by their “wind speed rating”. This is interesting because of the following history lesson… In the early days shingles were rated by “weight”. This was because the codes insisted on a minimum weight shingle. Then in the nineties, the code insisted on a minimum warranty term of 25 years and tossed weight ratings out the window. The reason for doing away with weight ratings was because shingles began being manufactured with fibergass reinforcement, so the weight of the asphalt became unimportant. So, shingles then began to be sold by “warranty term”. Interestingly, a few years down the road the code increased it’s minimum standard to 30 years. How did the shingle manufacturers cope? They simply changed their 25 year shingle warranty to 30 years! No change to the shingles themselves! 
After the active hurricane seasons of 2004/2005, the code changed again and insisted on “wind ratings” for shingles. So, the shingle manufactures began to market their products based on wind speed tests. Now for the punchline… When a shingle is ,marketed and sold as a 110 MPH shingle, this means that they were tested and rated to withstand that wind speed. However, it does NOT mean they are warranted for that wind speed! A typical 110 MPH shingle s actually only warranted up to about 55 MPH wind speeds. 

Buyer Beware!

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  1. Posted by Harold Martin on April 15th at 1:08 pm

    Very informative.


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