Roof Guaranteed! – or is it? Part Two | Raise the Roof Blog!


If you have a shingle roof or are planning to have a new one installed soon, you will want to read this!

Shingle roof warranties are probably the most confusing of all roof material warranties. Part of the problem is the plethora of information they try to squeeze into their warranties. Shingle roof warranties try to include language that touch on MANY different categories. We will examine each of these categories over the next blog or two…

 Material integrity: This is the total length of time in the warranty. A typical shingle comes with a 30 year limited warranty. In Florida, we see a typical life expectancy of about 20 years on a 30 year warranted shingle. Very seldom do we see any warranty claims or pay-outs for this 10 year discrepancy. All shingle material limited warranties are “pro-rated” for the duration of the warranty. Typically, this warranty will provide material only, at a pro-rated value, if a claim is made.

 In our next issue, you won’t believe the change in course and marketing the shingle manufacturers have gone through just to keep their product within code compliance! (should have used the next blog for April Fools Day instead of this one!) Keep your eyes peeled for Part Three of this Warranty Blog!

 Remember… Raise the roof!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Tess on April 1st at 11:21 am

    Thank you for such great information. I think the advertising world has lead many of us to believe, “if anything happens its covered under warranty” when in fact, a warranty is a carefully worded and VERY limited guarantee.

    Thank you.


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