Roofing Police | Book’em Danno-Part II | Raise the Roof!

Admit it… as a Law Abiding Citizen, don’t you just love to see the law breakers being “gently placed” in the back of squad cars?  I look forward to the day when I can go on a “ride along” with my son, who aspires to be a police officer himself some day! Just like in most any industry, the Roofing Industry has a few Bad Apples to contend with.

For the most part, the Roofing Contractors of SW FL are a professional group of men and women striving to do whats right. But we do find ourselves competing against some rather unscrupulous characters at times! There are regional groups of roofing professionals who meet regularly in an effort to separate themselves from these bad apples. In the SW FL area this group is called the South West FL Roofing Contractors Association –  (SWFRCA). We are striving to give our industry more integrity and strength than ever before by laying down the ground rules for becoming the Industry’s Elite.

You can help… By supporting those roofing contractors that make the core membership of these organizations. When you are ready to hire a roofing contractor, consider visiting the website of the organization in your area first. In SW FL that website is:  Of course, we like to think you can’t do any better than hiring us – West Coast FL Enterprises!

Thanks in advance for Policing the Roofing Industry, and remember… Raise the Roof!

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