Roofing Police | Book’em Danno-Part 1 | Raise the Roof!

Most of us, even if we won’t admit it, enjoy watching the occasional episode of COPS. There is just some sense of satisfaction that comes over us as we see the tank-top adorned law-breaker getting caught by the men and women in blue. Unfortunately, in the real life world of roofing and construction, too many law breakers get away with it! These include code violators, unlicensed/uninsured contractors, and overall scammers. It’s really interesting that with today’s technology, like that camera that caught you rolling past the stop light, that we cannot stop these unscrupulous contractors from doing what they do.

But, YOU can help! We will discuss the various actions you can take with each Part of this Blog Series. One thing that can be done is this… Check the background of every contractor you hire! Ensure they have proper licensing and insurance – not just a document they typed out themselves. Ask to call their insurance provider. Call the State and check their license. You can make a difference and with your help, those of us who are legitimate can enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Thanks in advance for Policing the Roofing Industry!

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  1. Even with the economy as it is, there are many difefrent styles of residential homes being constructed and completed every day residential roofing materials are the concern of all these new, and the many long time, home owners.


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